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31 Rushed wildlife bill portends trouble for vital Kenya resource

Foreign visitors to Kenya’s game parks will now pay more for the service following a review of fees aimed at boosting the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) conservation efforts and reduce its dependence on the government.

Scientists were shocked and a bit impressed to discover that the crested rat, native to East Africa, is the first animal, besides humans, to purposely use lethal toxins. Learn how the rodent applies a potentially deadly poison to it’s porcupine-like quills to defend against predators

In the past few days, a new generation of Kenyans and visitors from other parts of the world have been visiting the Kora National Park to pay their respects to the “father of lions,” George Adamson

Kenya plans to expand its national reserves and game parks in order to boost its wildlife numbers.

Kenya plans to expand its national reserves and game parks in order to boost its wildlife numbers.

Most vulture species keep their distance from humans, preferring open savanna plains or sparsely populated settlements.

The hirola, a rare antelope threatened with extinction, could become the attraction that sells tourism in Garissa.

A hungry cheetah strayed into a health facility in Taita district last Friday and caused the members of public seeking medical attention scampered for safety.

THE Kenya Wildlife Service now wants punitive clauses inserted in the draft Wildlife Policy and Bill to deter poaching and illegal trade in wildlife products.

ane-less lions can easily confuse the untrained eye into believing a macho hairless male is actually a lioness

Driven by rising demand for ivory, elephant poaching in and around northern Kenya's Samburu National Reserve has reached its highest rate in 14 years, with alarming consequences for the animal's population balance and potentially, the entire ecosystem.

Khadija, an African elephant matriarch in Kenya's Samburu National Reserve, stands with members of her herd in late June, just weeks before she was gunned down by poachers and stripped of her tusks.

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