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Severin Sea Lodge

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Posted by  Simba Wednesday, 07 June 2006 16:47

Severin Sea Lodge

The Severin Sea Lodge

Set alongside Kenya’s most exotic Bamburi Beach Indian Ocean location, Severin Sea Lodge is both a tranquil haven and a dazzling paradise.

With the historic harbour town of Mombasa just a few kilometres away, an endless white sand shoreline on one side and the African bush on the other, you will find the setting as peaceful as it is stimulating.

The Severin Sea Lodge provides various levels of luxury accommodation in addition to imaginatively designed Makuti thatched rondavels and features a choice of international restaurants including the award-winning Imani Dhow.

There are two swimming pools set within the tropical grounds and with other sporting facilities including tennis courts and a superb 18 hole golf course nearby, you will easily find the activity of your choice to complete your holiday paradise.

The unique makuti thatched rondavels and main buildings house two separate categories within the hotel complex.


Karibu Class

Spacious bedrooms furnished with traditional Arabian style beds draped with mosquito nets for your comfort. The room opens out to a veranda overlooking the tropical gardens towards the warm Indian Ocean.

Each room is fitted with a direct dial telephone, room safe, air conditioner, hair dryer and music.

Comfort Class

Notably the finest in Luxury to ensure the visitor a memorable stay. Each room is fitted with a split unit air conditioner and ceiling fan over the Swahili styled Zanzibar carved bed. The en suite bathroom includes a shower bath combination with his and hers face basin. On check in a tropical fruit basket is included with an option to fill up the Mini bar.

The rooms come standard with coffee and tea making facility, direct dial telephone, room safe and hair dryer.


With the "Blue Marine Diving Center", Severin Sea Lodge has one of the best diving facilities in Mombasa. Qualified PADI diving experts are on hand to help you explore the wonders of the coral gardens directly opposite the hotel.

For the novice a snorkelling boat is available to ensure you do not miss the experience of a life time on our natural coral reef. One of the few live coral gardens remaining in the world.

For the keen mariner windsurfing and catamarans are available, while the avid angler can go beyond to the deep blue sea for big game fishing. As the environment is our major concern we recommend only tag and release charter operators.

A comprehensive environmental concept

The Severin Sea Lodge is the first hotel in Kenya to have an environmental officer on its staff. This person has put into operations a comprehensive 120-point environmental concept specifically designed for our 400-bed holiday and leisure complex. One of the main tasks in the environmental officer’s work will be to educate people towards a more environmentally- conscious approach. Through specifically organized seminars the guests, staff, local boat-owners and traders will learn about environmental threat and protection on Kenya’s coastline. This may all sound very nice and well-meaning, but that is not all our concept has to offer.

With the installation of a purification plant, built to European standards, all waste water from the rooms, kitchen and laundry will be biologically purified. Pumps convey the purified water through a special sand drainage pit, before its allowed to seep through the coral into the ground water. In this way they ensure that no unpurified water contaminates the ground water or sea water. Micro organisms in the purification plant cause a metabolic breakdown of the organic matter in the water. The plant can purify up to 150.000 litres per day a figure which corresponds to the waste water production of 1500 people.

In addition the hotel has a comprehensive waste recycling concept, the aim of which is to sort out as much reusable material as possible to return to the industrial process.

Apart from kitchen and garden, the individual rooms also have a system of separating out recyclable waste (green bin). In effect, the entire waste from the hotel is thus sorted and dealt with separately – food, paper, plastic, glass, metal and garden rubbish. Food leftovers are given to pig farms, paper, plastic glass and metal are all passed on to dealers for recycling. Garden clippings are broken down for compost in the hotel garden. Furthermore, there are containers for depositing used batteries, which are then sent to Germany for proper decontamination.

But even all this is not enough. The enthusiasm of the hotel management extends to the guests themselves. Stickers in the hotel rooms urge people to save water and energy. Automatic cut-outs on the air conditioning system ensure its sensible use. The hotel has completely done away with plastic laundry bags and replaced them with paper ones. Suppliers in the hotel are requested to only deliver goods in packaging, which can be biologically broken down, or to use returnable containers. When remodelling or alterations to the hotel gardens become necessary, then attention will be paid to creating areas and paths, which allow for the free flow of water; walls and fences will be replaced by hedges to provide birds with shelter and places to nest.

The latest investment of the Severin Sea Lodge was to change over to solar energy for the entire warm water supply for the hotel. Where once diesel boilers supplied the required warm water, the hotel now has over 300 square metres of solar panels. The sunny climate of Kenya is, of course, particularly suited to this clean form of alternative energy.

But environmental protection is not without its price. The Severin Sea Lodge has undertaken many major investments over recent years in order to make its contributions to protecting the environment in Kenya we are convinced this is the right direction, and are counting on the support of guests, tour operators and hotel staff as well.

Personal Comment:

The Severin Sea Lodge has always represented style and quality and therefore been one of our favourite Hotels in Mombasa. The pioneer efforts in the environmental protection are honest and successful. These efforts cost a lot of money, yet room rates at the Severin Sea Lodge start from $39 pp per night. We believe they are a great example of how hotels and lodges should operate.
You have our respect!

Simba & Cody -